Transit Musings 

My time, these days, is all over the place; so much so that when I have time at home, all I want to do is Netflix and drink merlot paired with margarita pizza. 

I spend a lot of time commuting places so I figured why not write little bits then? I become a clouded person if I can’t write consistently. I have to blood let all of this awesomeness regularly. 

Welcome to the birth of transit musings, short pieces of my mind. The challenge: I write them during my commute to work, home from somewhere or to another destination but I have to finish a piece before or by the time my commute is up.

Maybe I will try to do this daily for a period of time. 

Today’s soundtrack into work is a classic, Donuts by J Dilla. I always knew of Dilla but as of late I am more into his work and how talented and intuitive of a producer and creative being that he was. I feel his smiling, concentration and love of music in his work. 

This morning, as I bop to Dilla beats, I am reminded how much I love enjoying the works of people who feel good about what they are doing. You can tell in the product and service if a person had fun creating it or not. This doesn’t just apply to creative related things either. This is any and everything. 

For example, there are sanitation workers out there who enjoy what they do. Yes, there are. Happiness and fulfillment has many faces and scenarios. Sanitation is an important job; do we want to think of what life would be like without it? There are sanitation workers who hum and joke around and work well with their counterparts and say hi to the neighborhood residents outside. 

I enjoy being a writer. I enjoy the random spasms of inspiration that hit me from out of nowhere and stop me in my tracks. I know that readers can feel my joy in what I create. 

Well my stop is next. The work day begins. 

Stay inspired and do more things you enjoy. 

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