What is a lightworker, you may ask? A lightworker is, in short summary, a spiritual and/or energy conduit for healing people. For a more in depth definition of what a lightworker is, click HERE. The title light worker is not reserved for only the likes of religious figures, psychics or reiki masters; everyone is a lightworker and is gifted with different mediums to facilitate healing. Singers, musicians and DJ’s are lightworkers because we all know how sound and music can move and heal. Comedians who’s skits make people double over in laughter until they are crying are lightworkers. That stranger who offered you encouragement in a challenging time was a lightworker. A chef who emphatically does the Macarena about the kitchen while sauteing your mushrooms is a lightworker. You get the idea, we all have elements to offer that makes us one.

Native Spirit Oracle card reading for June 2016


I give intuitive oracle card readings. The intention and purpose of my readings are to help people receive [affirmative] guidance along their life path and answers for questions they may have. My readings are not tied to any religion and anyone of any faith can benefit from them to help them in their life.

I have been doing oracle card readings, on others and myself, for 2 years and I will be beginning the Angel Feather Oracle certification program by the AOK Angel Academy to become a certified Angel Feather Oracle deck practitioner. I also use the Native Spirit Oracle deck by Denise Linn for readings. Both decks share beautifully empowering messages to help anyone along their journey.

For a limited time, I am offering oracle card readings for $11.11. If you are interested in a reading or have more questions, you can email me at .