Of all my creative abilities and interests, writing is my most favorite way to express myself.

I’ve created blogs, contributed to other blogs, wrote and published books and was a beauty editor for an online fashion magazine. I journal, I write on scraps of paper, I love to write!

As a child, books sparked and fueled my imagination and curiosity. They taught me about the world through the different authors’ and characters’ vantage points and inspired me to explore the world for myself and write from my vantage point. I’ve been writing since a pencil was first placed into my hand and have filled pages of numerous journals with my innermost thoughts and adventures through life. In my childhood, I wrote a lot of poetry and I have been blogging for over 10 years with the consistent intent to share and inspire.

AGrlCanMAC- Marley Twists- 2013

AGrlCanMAC is my women’s lifestyle & culture blog that includes topics about, but is not limited to, natural hair; beauty, books, health & fitness, self esteem, wellness and life to help elevate black women and reaffirm their beauty, existence and significance.  I started it in 2008 when the natural hair phenomenon was in it’s fetus stage and it was an awesome experience pioneering something from the, then new, blogging space. Through this experience, I learned how to run an online publication from soup to nuts. It also opened other writing opportunity doors for me to continue to expand with.

The blog has been on hiatus for at least a year now and I am not sure when or if I will continue to move forward with it. I continue to leave the site up because it is and has been  a helpful resource for women (and some men!) all over the world.



EXUDE Magazine

I was the senior beauty editor of EXUDE Magazine, an online publication that spoke to young, urban professionals of color about topics including fashion, beauty, lifestyle and current events. I curated and wrote beauty pieces on skin care, makeup tips and DIY beauty recipes and creatively directed the makeup for editorial features. It was an enriching experience working for an online magazine from the very beginning. I gained so much more respect for magazines and the behind scenes process that makes up the eye catching covers and glossy photos.


Sacred Geometry- Bodybinds 2015

During 2014, I was a contributing blogger for bondage lingerie brand named Bodybinds. Bodybinds is a lifestyle lingerie brand for women of all ages, shapes, sizes and races who love or are on the journey to love themselves, their bodies, their femininity and their sexuality. The blog portion of the site creates content that speaks to them and I talked to the spiritual elements of reveling in femininity and sexual self expression.

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