Mama, I Made It! 

Happy Monday everyone, how’s it going? I tell you, when we’re working from and leaning into our joy and gifts, miracles naturally occur daily. The Universe wants to see us flourish.  I wanted to share a cool thing that recently happened: my work is featured in an art exhibit! This is my very first time having any of my work included in an exhibit and … Continue reading Mama, I Made It! 

Cocoon of Reflection

August 1st, 2016: The past six months of the year, I found myself protected and nurtured in a cocoon of introspective processing of the events that the sun had set on late last year. These events excited me, scared me, exposed me and broke me open. This cocoon allowed me to rest and reflect. It looked like borderline hermit mode, unplanned fits of “growing pains” crying, … Continue reading Cocoon of Reflection

Transit Musings: Surrender

Good Wednesday morning!  Surrender A word and action that has been coming through to me as of late. When the divine message came to me, I immediately knew what the surrendering was specifically talking to. I have three main desires this year and I was very attached to them. I know and practice the Law of Attraction and the teachings of Abraham Hicks, Florence Scovel … Continue reading Transit Musings: Surrender

Transit Musings: Vulnerability 

Happy Friday! Good Friday morning. Cheers to the freakin weekend! This morning’s commute has me thinking about vulnerability. It’s been a big theme in my life recently.  I don’t remember the exact day last week Infinite Spirit told me that I need to explore vulnerability; I need to be more vulnerable immediately. I was hoping it wasn’t saying that but it kept sending messages confirming … Continue reading Transit Musings: Vulnerability 

Unicorn Energy Fireworks

Something like unicorn energy burst inside me this morning. Let me explain…. Something was unlocked and rocketed into the air. It isn’t coming back; it’s at one with my skies and outer space. I tapped into something, unblocked it and now it’s out on the loose, unconstrained and free. It was a grey Monday morning the 1st of August in 2016. Alina Baraz cooed silky notes over “Can I” … Continue reading Unicorn Energy Fireworks

What I Learned from Finishing a Baby Blanket

What Finishing aBaby BlanketTaught Me 2- 12 2015

Crocheting a baby blanket for my cousin’s baby shower this past weekend taught me or more like REMINDED me of some concepts that I knew were great but didn’t mindfully apply to my own life.

Like most creatives, I’m quick to start projects and just as quick to abandon them midway to start another. This cycle goes round and round until my home is littered with unfinished projects. Part of this is excitement in starting a fresh and new project and all the possibilities of it; it’s like a high and eventually the “newness” wears off. Continue reading “What I Learned from Finishing a Baby Blanket”