Hi, My name is Milan and I am a New York City based writer, artist, makeup artist, light worker and creative project manager. You can navigate the menu at the top of this page to learn more about each of these things I just listed.

As a Scorpio, I am a pretty passionate person by nature so it’s no surprise that I have an affinity to having fun and the importance of self expression. I love reading, writing, various arts and crafts, dancing, good music, my friends and family, practicing yoga and running, adventures, travel, cooking and so much more.

Being based in New York City, where it’s a small capsule of people and cultures from practically every corner of the world, I am thankful to experience an infinite stream of inspiration, various styles of self expression, culture and art flowing to and through me.

This site is an introduction to all of my different creative endeavors and shop any of my digital products offered. I also write about life on here from my holistic and new thought perspective. Life is fun and I love talking about it and living it.

Please keep in touch with me. I am on a host of various social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can also email me at Milan.N.Staples@gmail.com

Thank you for stopping by. I bless you with love, joy and laughter.



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