Makeup Artistry

I am a professional, freelance makeup artist servicing the New York City and greater New York City areas; I am also available to travel. With a decade of professional experience, I enjoy my craft and am always expanding.

Makeup by Milan- Angelina Keala

Makeup by Milan

I’ve been doing makeup since I was 15 years old. Back then, I would spend all my part time job money on makeup and fashion magazines. I’d watch music videos and try to recreate the looks. Some of my favorite projects are portrait and beauty because I really enjoy taking what’s great about a face, skin tone and facial features and exploiting them. As women, we’re so used to picking ourselves apart and covering things up. I use makeup to uncover the beautiful things already there and showcase them.

I also really enjoy and respect the creativity and innovation that comes with being a makeup artist. It’s incredibly fun to be able to make a person look totally different or exactly the same experimenting with different colors, mediums, textures and techniques. I love exercising my imagination to use makeup to create characters or tell stories and is why I also enjoy doing editorial and fashion looks.

My work includes print, editorial, fashion design campaigns and lookbooks, fashion shows, weddings, tv/commerical and portrait. Learn more about my artistry and view samples of my work at


Makeup by Milan


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