Makeup Artistry

I am a professional, freelance makeup artist. I service the New York City and greater New York City areas and I love every minute of it. I take a lot of pride in my craft and sharing with others that even as a professional, I am never done learning and growing.

Makeup by Milan- Angelina Keala

Makeup by Milan

I’ve been doing makeup since I was old enough to wear it (15, 16). I have no formal training outside of working behind the Clinique counter in college; just a raw passion and thirst for it. I learn and hone my skills through trial & error, attending workshops, reading books, picking up jewels from other artists and most importantly, by just doing it! I’m always eager to learn more and I don’t want to ever stop learning and discovering new and exciting things about this craft.

My favorite projects are portrait, bridal and beauty because I really enjoy working with everyday women and taking what’s great about their face, skin tone and facial features and exploiting them; making them look like the best version of themselves. As women, we’re so used to picking ourselves apart and covering things up. I use makeup to uncover beautiful things and bring them out.  I also really enjoy the fantasy and imagination that comes with being a makeup artist too. It’s incredibly fun to be able to make a person look totally different experimenting with different colors, textures and techniques. I love using my creative eye to use makeup to create characters and tell stories and is why I also enjoy doing editorial and fashion work.

My work includes print, editorial, designer campaigns and lookbooks, fashion shows, weddings, tv/commerical and portrait work. You can learn more about my artistry and view samples of my work at


Makeup by Milan


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