AGrlCanMAC April 205 magazine cover

AGrlCanMAC April 2015 Magazine Cover

Like this handy work I created for my holistic living and beauty blog? I created this “magazine cover” of sorts with no fancy software like Adobe InDesign because I cant afford it right now. LOL. Forced me to get creative and I like what I came up with. Lots of great things going on at my blog, AGrlCanMAC. This cover highlights 4 posts to drop … Continue reading AGrlCanMAC April 2015 Magazine Cover

Our Truth Newsletter April 2015

This Month’s Our Story Newsletter

I had the pleasure of contributing to this month’s, Our Story, newsletter and made the front page! I’m thankful for the opportunity and look forward to contributing more pieces with them in the future months to come. To receive this month’s issue and read the full article, email and you will receive future issues too. Continue reading This Month’s Our Story Newsletter

I Wrote a Book!

Hello! I’m proud to announce that I wrote an e-Book! It shares tips for caring for fine natural hair (of medium to low density). It’s titled   AGrlCanMAC Presents: Fine Natural Hair, Don’t Care: Tips to help natural hair with fine strands and medium to low density thrive If it’s of interest for you, please check it out. I appreciate your support. This was a dream come … Continue reading I Wrote a Book!