Be Cocky, Muhammad Ali Was

  I woke up this morning to the news that The Greatest, Muhammad Ali, transitioned on to the next realm of life. In his life on this earth, he did his THING. He lived in his truths and wasn’t afraid to speak his truths or the criticism he received from others if they didn’t agree. He believed in himself- anyone could see that from his tv … Continue reading Be Cocky, Muhammad Ali Was

Get Your Shit Together


-life is meant for living every single day, not “waiting until”

I think sometimes we think we have to have all of our shit together before we can try or even attempt to START anything “major”, “really good” or “real”. We think things have to be as close to perfect as possible because nothing is actually perfect. Things have to be as secure and risk free as possible before we allow ourselves to pass Go.

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What I Learned from Finishing a Baby Blanket

What Finishing aBaby BlanketTaught Me 2- 12 2015

Crocheting a baby blanket for my cousin’s baby shower this past weekend taught me or more like REMINDED me of some concepts that I knew were great but didn’t mindfully apply to my own life.

Like most creatives, I’m quick to start projects and just as quick to abandon them midway to start another. This cycle goes round and round until my home is littered with unfinished projects. Part of this is excitement in starting a fresh and new project and all the possibilities of it; it’s like a high and eventually the “newness” wears off. Continue reading “What I Learned from Finishing a Baby Blanket”

I Resigned Before I Had Another Job Lined Up

It was a clear and crisp fall morning on November 23rd when I walked into the office to talk to my boss. I had left my formal letter of resignation and a personal note regarding the resignation on his desk that Friday afternoon after he had left the office for the weekend. From the Friday that I left the letter and note until just before stepping into his office that morning, my stomach was filled with hyperactive butterflies dancing around. I wasn’t scared, I was excited. I felt free. I felt like everything I wanted for myself was on the other side of this waiting excitedly to come into my existence. It felt good- like this spiritual leap of faith was the right move.

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AGrlCanMAC April 205 magazine cover

AGrlCanMAC April 2015 Magazine Cover

Like this handy work I created for my holistic living and beauty blog? I created this “magazine cover” of sorts with no fancy software like Adobe InDesign because I cant afford it right now. LOL. Forced me to get creative and I like what I came up with. Lots of great things going on at my blog, AGrlCanMAC. This cover highlights 4 posts to drop … Continue reading AGrlCanMAC April 2015 Magazine Cover

Our Truth Newsletter April 2015

This Month’s Our Story Newsletter

I had the pleasure of contributing to this month’s, Our Story, newsletter and made the front page! I’m thankful for the opportunity and look forward to contributing more pieces with them in the future months to come. To receive this month’s issue and read the full article, email and you will receive future issues too. Continue reading This Month’s Our Story Newsletter