Growing Pains 

Written March 2, 2017

Growing Pains by Milan Staples

Spells of feeling off

Fits of fear and frustration

Moments or days or weeks of doubt and self judgment

Keep going
You take a tumble
Just tuck and roll
You may trip
Pop right back up dust yourself off. Or lay there for 30 seconds and rise back up

You may feel like you don’t know what you’re doing

Keep pressing, you’ll do it with ease eventually

You bomb that presentation

You flounder on your words

Keep going

You don’t always smile but you keep believing

It only feels uncomfortable because it’s new

But this journey you are on is for you

Keep taking one step forward

Keep learning all you can

Keep checking in with you often

In time, you’ll reminisce of days behind


And marvel at where you are now
Hold the vision


Keep going


Where you start won’t be where you finish

But in order to finish, you have to start

These are just some growing pains

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