Mama, I Made It! 

Happy Monday everyone, how’s it going? I tell you, when we’re working from and leaning into our joy and gifts, miracles naturally occur daily. The Universe wants to see us flourish. 

I wanted to share a cool thing that recently happened: my work is featured in an art exhibit! This is my very first time having any of my work included in an exhibit and the feeling is still exciting and surreal. What’s even more beautiful is that an experience like this wasn’t on my radar or so I thought; the opportunity chased me down and wrestled me to to the floor. 

I wrote poems for the ‘Matter of Skin’ exhibit at Kennedy Heights Art Center in Cincinnati, OH. The exhibit opened on April 22nd, which I was there for, and it ends June 4th. Two of my four poems included in it, I collaborated with my mother and they are a part of small quilts she created. (My mother is an amazing art quilter.) If you are in the greater Cincinnati area or visiting, please stop by to see my work and all the other great works included. 

A unanimous consensus says the crowd favorite is my ‘Skin Care’ poem. That one was really fun to write even though the process to write it was very all over the place. The poem came to me as spastic phrases that I then pieced together to flow the way it does. In my artistry, I don’t always know what the process will be like each time but as long as I trust the process, I will always create work that is fiyah, that I am proud of and authentic to me and my unique super powers. 

The Universe is so awesome, let’s see what other magic unfolds this year. I have a feeling that it is just getting warmed up and I’m coo with that! 

What are your passions and/or gifts? How are you leaning into them? What’s showing up for so far this year? 

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