Cocoon of Reflection

August 1st, 2016:

The past six months of the year, I found myself protected and nurtured in a cocoon of introspective processing of the events that the sun had set on late last year.

These events excited me, scared me, exposed me and broke me open.

This cocoon allowed me to rest and reflect. It looked like borderline hermit mode, unplanned fits of “growing pains” crying, reading more and taking an amazing class that my spiritual center at the time offered called 50 Days to Fearless Living. I put many of my reoccurring thoughts under review and shed the ones that didn’t serve my greater good or made me feel bad. I came to revelations about myself, my worth and what I want.

I came to many self affirming, truth filled conclusions.

I need to remind myself more that this isn’t a race, it’s a journey and 99.9% of  any perceived bad things are temporary. The Universe is generous; we get infinite chances. Why do you think a tomorrow and the day after exists?

No doesn’t always mean no forever, just not right now or this isn’t a good fit and something better is on the horizon. 

My life is an adventure with twists and turns, crazy high advances and roller coaster style drops, bobbing and weaving, dancing and bouncing- but if I can get out of bed each day then I cannot be broken. I am indestructible. I don’t break, I bounce. My life is a story; a tapestry that is far from finished. Nothing is ever the end, it’s merely another section of the tapestry; only another chapter in the book. Yesterday’s gone and there is always right now and tomorrow. Just breathe. Take deep breaths and then go do something fun or relaxing for at least 5 minutes of your time.

Life is right now because my past right now brought me to my current right now. So if I want my future to be epic, I had better make my right now sensational and filled with dance breaks and slides down rainbows.

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