Transit Musings: Surrender

Good Wednesday morning! 


A word and action that has been coming through to me as of late.

When the divine message came to me, I immediately knew what the surrendering was specifically talking to. I have three main desires this year and I was very attached to them. I know and practice the Law of Attraction and the teachings of Abraham Hicks, Florence Scovel Shinn, Eckharte Tole, etc. but I am in this human experience and can be forgetful. I need and appreciate reminders. 

This message of surrender was my reminder. 

The things I want the most I often hold tighter to for fears that I won’t get it. Well, I haven’t received anything I ever truly wanted operating this way. Acting in this way has always resulted in receiving things I didn’t want, frustration, anxiety or self doubt. When I would finally tire and throw my hands up to let go is when, in the blink of an eye, the very thing I wanted would slip into my life quickly and effortlessly. 

Sunday night, laying in bed, I surrendered those three desires. It was a dull ache clutching them. It wasn’t fun clutching them. 

So I decided to throw them into the sky like confetti and let them rain down on me in a sparkly puddle. 

What is for me cannot be lost. 

So if I let go of the desire/s, to let the Universe work out the timings and how’s and unfoldings, then it WILL come to me. And, in my experiences, it always comes to me way better, easier and seamlessly than I ever thought it would. 

I feel spiritually lighter already. The Hudson River didn’t part for me or anything but it felt good to release any straggling worry or anxiety. Everything I want is coming to me, I just have to remember to allow it. Don’t do for it or worry about it, allow it in. 

The stuff I want the most, I need to surrender the most. 

Sunday night I threw my three desires into the air like confetti and glitter and am excited to see how they will fall into place for me this year. 

I surrender. 

I am free. 

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