Unicorn Energy Fireworks

Something like unicorn energy burst inside me this morning. Let me explain….

Something was unlocked and rocketed into the air. It isn’t coming back; it’s at one with my skies and outer space.

I tapped into something, unblocked it and now it’s out on the loose, unconstrained and free.

It was a grey Monday morning the 1st of August in 2016. Alina Baraz cooed silky notes over “Can I” while I  contorted and twisted my body in the last of the finishing asanas of my vinyasa flow [yoga sequence] and that’s when it happened. Something euphoric and juicy burst open inside of me like a Fruit Squisher. Like fireworks or an explosion of millions of tiny flames. I was swished around in the organized chaos and swallowed into a beautiful digestion reversed. It was my sacral chakra wheel opening in a way I had never felt before. This open felt like it can’t be closed again. This open felt different.  The event engulfed me in a rapture of pure presence and sensuality. I basked in my alignment with Source and began to ungulate, writhe and move my body with an ease and fluidity likened to a feline, without prior thought, rhyme or reason. It was a natural and uninhibited release of expression and joy.

The feeling lingered sweetly for a while, playfully bobbing around me, and each minute of it tasted of coral, apricots, mangos and silky fire. It felt warm and safe and loving. I savored it. It slowly and gently dissipated and left its delectable, golden flecks sprinkled all throughout my insides and  on my skin to reminisce over.

I tapped into something, unblocked it and now it’s out on the loose, unconstrained and free. I’m excited.


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